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Courtney Love: Snorting Kurt Cobain's Ashes?

Posted Wednesday March 16, 2011 1:17 PM GMT

The love between them was no joke, but it has been revealed that Courtney Love desired to keep Kurt Cobain so close to her after he was gone that she even considered snorting his ashes.

A brand new book written by Nick Strauss called “Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead” claims that the “Hole” singer tried to get Strauss to inhale the “Nirvana” musician’s white ashes alongside her.

Recalling this moment, the author told Radar Online, “She actually said she would offer his ashes to me first to snort and then said she would like them."

"Too bad you don't do coke," Love then said, according to Strauss. "Otherwise I'd suggest taking a metal straw to it."

"Yeah, I don’t think that would be the right thing to do," the writer claims to have replied. "I'd like to though," Love replied.

After the interesting offering, Nick says Courtney left the ashes uninhaled after all.

Enjoy the pictures of Courtney Love at Save Venice 2011 (March 15).

Photo Credit: Getty Images