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Channing Tatum Talks Stripping with Out June 2012

Posted Thursday May 17, 2012 4:05 PM GMT

With his new movie "Magic Mike" set to hit theaters on June 29th, Channing Tatum amped up promotions by landing the cover of the June 2012 issue of Out magazine.

The 32-year-old actor looked studly in ensembles from Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein for the Nino Muñoz shot spread accompanying the article titled "From Stripper to Superstar".

Highlights from Channing's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Out!

On coming out with a male stripper movie:
“It’s risky. People say that women and the gay community will go see it -- knock on wood -- but I know straight guys won’t be like, ‘Yo, what’s up man -- you wanna go see the stripping movie after the game tonight?’ I doubt they’ll have the balls to see it. What’s funny is that the girls don’t ask me questions about my stripping days, but straight guys want to know everything. It’s that fantasy element. It’s probably why a lot of females on Halloween are the whorey version of a ketchup bottle, or slutty nurse, which I love and respect -- it’s liberating.”

On becoming a male stripper at age 19:
"I was definitely looking for something to take me into the dark side. You learn something about yourself, you learn about men, women, you see a lot of depressing s**t, people that are lost. But at the same time, the dark side can be exciting. It can feel like you’re cheating death every night.”

On having to strip down:
“I never enjoyed the taking-the-clothes-off part. You are on a stage with people yelling at you, and you feel you’re a rock star, but you’re nothing -- you’re just a guy taking off his clothes, looking like a fool in a stupid outfit.”

Matt Bomer on Channing Tatum:
"He’s obviously very good-looking and effortlessly cool, but he’s also one of the kindest, most open-hearted people I’ve ever known. More than anything, he just has a lust for life that makes him want to tell stories and to dig deeper than someone who looks like him might have to dig. He kind of reminds me of Steve McQueen in a lot of ways -- completely authentic and comfortable in his own skin.”

Photo Credit: Nino Muñoz for Out