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Pam Anderson Talks Emotions, Pulls A Lohan

Posted Tuesday May 15, 2007 4:55 PM GMT

It’s gotta be confusing for guys these days. Some girls want them to ditch the tough guy image and get in touch with their feelings. While others like Pamela Anderson are telling boys to keep their emotions to themselves.

The former 'Baywatch' actress hates the fact that a lot of modern men are comfortable showing their feelings, and admits she is only attracted to "strong" guys. Divorced twice herself, Pam would rather have a manly man than a guy who is comfortable showing his sensitive side.

"What I hate nowadays is that so many guys are becoming like girls - they are not cool anymore!" Apparently, Pam’s current boy toy Football stud David Binn is manly enough for her. "I want my man to be very strong and very calm. I'm such a crazy person and so emotional I don't need someone else like that around me. I can just relax when I am with David.”

Pamela is a firm believer that finding that right one (or three) is essential to happiness. "Love makes you live longer. I wouldn't want to live any other way. But it's painful at times. I feel much healthier when I'm in love - I am much truer to my feelings. As you know, I have gotten in trouble a few times."

While we wouldn't call it trouble, Pamela was caught exposing a little too much of herself while out on May 14th. This came just a day after some interesting Malibu shots of Pam going haywire. What's going on with her eyes? It sure doesn't look normal from our vantage point! Anyways, enjoy the pictures.