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Jennifer Aniston Adopts A Clean-Living Lifestyle

Posted Saturday March 10, 2007 1:54 AM GMT

Due to recent events that one might characterize as a tad bit scandalous, Jennifer Aniston has made the decision to get her life back on the right track. Some of the first vices to go were the usual culprits, cigarettes and caffeine.

While this change of lifestyle has suddenly sprung up, it leaves the question begging to be asked, “Why do it?”

Aniston has expressed that her new-found love of yoga is responsible for her efforts to make changes in other areas of her life

Laura Allen, who spent time with Courtney Cox Arquette and Jennifer Aniston on the set of Courtney’s new show “Dirt”, told Us Weekly:

"She did a lot of yoga to stop smoking. Between takes, it would have been tempting to go outside and have a cigarette. Instead, Jen was clinging to Courtney. She said how hard it was."

Jennifer was lucky to have a true friend like Courtney around her help her make the transition.