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Interview Ends Early For Nick Lachey

Posted Wednesday July 11, 2007 2:51 PM GMT

With all the controversy surrounding the scandalous pictures of Nick Lachey and girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo getting busy in a Mexican hot tub, Nick has decided to stay tight-lipped.

A couple of news anchors found that one out the hard way yesterday when they interviewed the former 98 Degrees frontman via satellite. Good Day In New York’s interviewers brought up the sex pics, and it went quickly down hill from there.

Rosie O’Donnell Blows Off Some Steam

Posted Wednesday July 11, 2007 2:44 PM GMT

Surprise, surprise. Rosie O’Donnell has opened her big mouth again to bash her former View co-star Elisabeth Hasselbeck as well as Donald Trump.

It all happened aboard the cruise (for gay and lesbian families) organized by O’Donnell that went from New York City to a private island in the Bahamas. Reportedly there were 1500 people on the ship that heard Rosie’s little tirade.

Simpsons Movie Premiere In Vermont

Posted Wednesday July 11, 2007 2:05 PM GMT

In the national search for the Springfield that would host the Simpsons Movie premiere, one town stood out above the rest. In the total of 14 Springfields that entered the contest, Springfield, Vermont emerged victorious.

Katie Couric Gets Physical

Posted Monday July 9, 2007 4:05 PM GMT

If you work for the CBS Evening News, you have to be careful not to use words like “sputum.” If not, you may catch yourself engaged in fisticuffs with lead anchor Katie Couric.

The alleged incident took place last month. And according to all parties involved, things got a bit out of control.

Elisha Cuthbert Talks 24 Movie

Posted Saturday July 7, 2007 3:20 PM GMT

With the seventh season of 24 about to begin filming, Elisha Cuthbert is indulging rumors that a 24 movie may be in the works.

The Captivity actress is hinting to press that the proposed movie may begin production as early as next year, when shooting for season 7 wraps. “I've got the phone waiting by the bed, and I'm just sort of waiting for it to ring and them to tell me 'hey, we're gonna go do the movie,'” she told press.

Petra Nemcova’s Model Life

Posted Friday July 6, 2007 3:12 PM GMT

She survived the horrific Southeast Asian tsunami and now Petra Nemcova is all about making a difference in the lives of others.

The Czech model is doing everything she can to make her life have meaning. She’s mentoring young models, and even heading up an organization called Happy Hearts Funds, which raises money for children who have been victimized by natural, economic, or health related hardship.

Isaiah Washington Tells His Side Of The Story

Posted Tuesday July 3, 2007 4:47 PM GMT

Now officially released from 'Grey's Anatomy,' Isaiah Washington has opened up in an attempt to clear his name of the negativity currently associated with it. And the slurful former Dr. Preston Burke is coming out pointing fingers at his ex castmates.

In an interview on 'Larry King Live', Washington spoke of a heated dispute with co-star Patrick Dempsey, claiming that it all started as a result of Dr. McDreamy's inability to tell time.

Hilary and Haylie Duff's Childhood Rivalry

Posted Saturday June 30, 2007 1:54 PM GMT

It's hard to imagine, but at one time the famous Hilary and Haylie Duff duo were dueling sisters, playing out all of the typical scenarios of a sibling rivalry. And Hilary had a special way of pushing her sister’s buttons.

Hilary, 19, told press that her secret weapon was freezing her panties! "If Haylie had friends over to stay when we were little and they left me out I’d freeze their underwear! I’d wet the underwear, put them in the freezer and snap them to ruin them."

MSNBC Anchor Says No More To Paris Hilton

Posted Saturday June 30, 2007 12:23 AM GMT

Paris Hilton mania was so upsetting to one American news anchor that she ripped up and attempted to burn a report about the heiress... live on the air.

The fed-up newswoman happened to be Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe. In what has turned into an instant YouTube classic, Mika repeatedly refused to run the story by taking matters into her own hands.

Isaiah Washington Gripes About Firing

Posted Friday June 29, 2007 3:13 PM GMT

If he wasn’t known for his role on Grey’s Anatomy, he was definitely known for the gay bashing. And now Isaiah Washington is complaining that Grey’s fired him over racism, rather than for the hate speech he committed.

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