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Mischa Barton Makes A Mess

Posted Thursday March 15, 2007 2:30 PM GMT

Oh Mischa! You can’t puke on the pavement in public. Apparently Kirsten Dunst and Jamie-Lynn Sigler aren’t good influences on the 21-year-old actress. Barton hit the trendy club The Anchor last Thursday and partied like a rockstar.

Mischa became tired and emotional after dancing for hours with her friends, according to the New York Post.

Angelina Jolie's New Son... Pax Thien

Posted Thursday March 15, 2007 2:02 PM GMT

While out saving the world, actress Angelina Jolie has picked up the three-year-old Vietnamese boy she plans to adopt, but faces a few last procedural hurdles before the youngster can be brought to his new home in New Orleans.

Vietnamese officials approved the adoption, but US officials still need to give the adoption the green light before it is final, said Nguyen Van Trung, director of the Tam Binh orphanage. The child must have a medical check-up before US officials can issue him a passport and visa, which could be completed within the next day or two.

Lindsay Lohan's Paparazzi "Run-In"

Posted Thursday March 15, 2007 12:32 PM GMT

Lindsay Lohan has a message for the paparazzi... "come near me and I'll run over you!"

An unfortunate shutterbug tangled with one "Mean Girl" as Lindsay hit the aggressive photographer in New York.

Lohan, 20, told police that she was driving with friends when they pulled into a hotel valet parking lane to dodge the photographers, the New York Post reported. She continued her story by claiming that one camera wielding paparazzo, identified as Giovanni Arnold, jumped on the hood of her vehicle, according to police reports.

Are Lindsay Lohan and Jude Law Dating?

Posted Wednesday March 14, 2007 9:13 PM GMT

Rumors fly as Lindsay Lohan and Jude Law have been spotted together in downtown New York.

The press is asking questions as the two have been seen together two nights in a row. Coincidence? We think not!

Drunk Fergie Barred From Flight

Posted Wednesday March 14, 2007 4:32 PM GMT

Black-Eyed Pea, Fergie (Stacy Ferguson), got the boot before she could even board her plane. The singer arrived at the airport intoxicated and in no condition to do much of anything, let alone fly.

Apparently Fergie, accompanied by bandmates will.i.am, Apl.de.ap, and Taboo, were headed to the UK until airport staff informed her that she could not board the flight in her current condition.

Pamela Anderson Kissing Tommy Lee? Really?

Posted Wednesday March 14, 2007 3:55 PM GMT

Brace yourself. Pamela Anderson was seen kissing ex-husband Tommy Lee. Are you kidding me? Since their split in 1998, Lee has had his share of indiscretions, but this may be his best yet. Anderson, on the heels of her breakup with awesome husband Kid-freaking-Rock should know better, too.

The couple had lunch with their sons, ten-year-old Brandon and nine-year-old Dylan at the trendy Santa Monica restaurant The Ivy, and were seen kissing as they left together.

Tom Cruise… Celebrity Evangelist?

Posted Tuesday March 13, 2007 7:11 PM GMT

Scientology keeps on making it into the news. Popular CNN host Larry King has always been up front about his battle against depression and taking antidepressants. Enter Scientologist Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise made an attempt to turn Larry on to Scientology, a religion that openly discredits and disavows modern Psychiatry.

MSNBC reports that the Mission Impossible star personally took King on a tour of the Scientology exhibit, “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death” to try to convince him of the dangers of modern Psychiatry and the virtues of the religion.

Jennifer Aniston out in NYC

Posted Tuesday March 13, 2007 4:57 PM GMT

Jennifer Aniston was spotted having drinks with Sam Rockwell in New York City last week.

The former 'Friends' star joined Rockwell - a co-star of Jen’s ex-husband Brad Pitt in 'The Assassination of Jesse James' - at New York's Freemans restaurant last Tuesday night. Interestingly enough, Rockwell is also known to pal around with another one of Jen’s ex’s…Vince Vaughn. Aniston and Vaughn broke up late last year after an lengthy on-again-off-again relationship.

Michael Jackson Visits Japan

Posted Tuesday March 13, 2007 4:45 PM GMT

The "King of Pop" himself, Michael Jackson, spent the past few days soaking up the limelight in Japan. Among his stops… a military meet and greet and two civilian parties aimed at raising money for the celebrity.

The amount of time Jackson has spent abroad has been significant, especially since the 2005 molestation accusations. Much of his time has been in Bahrain, France, and Ireland, with the “King of Pop” now showing off in Japan.

A Distressed Marc Jacobs in Rehab

Posted Tuesday March 13, 2007 4:33 PM GMT

The very successful fashion designer Marc Jacobs has entered rehab on his own volition after a very busy fall season.

The hard working designer who has his own brand and works for Louis Vuitton, had already moved from New York to Paris to ‘escape the city’s frenetic pace’. The decision to move from New York’s distractions seemed like a wise one, due to his giving up of drugs after a rehab stint in the late nineties.

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