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Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan
Profile Image: 
Birth Name: 
Brooke Ellen Bollea
Birth Date: 
May 5, 1988
Birth Place: 
Tampa, FL
Reality TV Star
Relationship Status: 
Engaged to Phil Costa

Brooke Hogan was introduced on the Hulk Hogans reality TV show Meet The Hogans. Since then Brooke Hogan has broken into the reality TV starlet group and moved towards fashion and chasing the paparazzi. Brooke Hogan takes after her mother Linda.

There have been some pretty trying times in the Hogan household as of late. With Hulk allegedly cheating on his wife Linda with one of his daughter Brooke’s friends (which led to a divorce) many of us were wondering, what’s next?

And we’re delighted to inform you that the Hogans aren’t going anywhere… well, at least Brooke isn’t. The aspiring pop star is getting her own reality gig coming up next season.

4:49 pm

While cold weather plagued the north and Hollywood's finest prepped for the Oscars out west, Brooke Hogan was busy soaking up the rays on sunny Miami Beach.

Miss Hogan, who donned a teeny blue bikini, frolicked about the beach as she jumped up and down in an apparent call for attention.

4:33 pm

It was Hogan time, as the made-for-reality-tv family of Hulk, Brooke and Nick were spotted out on a Tuesday trip to a Beverly Hills medical center.

The former pro wrestler has been keeping busy with his new show, American Gladiators, while daughter Brooke has her sights set on competing on Dancing With the Stars.

4:12 pm

It's back to Miami Beach for Brooke Hogan. The daughter of former wrestling star Hulk Hogan headed back to the Sunshine state after spending some time in Hollywood while her parent's divorce continues on.

Brooke was spotted sporting her bikini as she walked the sandy shoreline with her boyfriend on Sunday, and followed it up with a girls only trip to the coffee shop yesterday afternoon.

3:57 pm

Her parents are in the middle of a messy divorce, so it’s only natural that Brooke Hogan would have a bit of a shopping spree.

The paparazzi caught up with the singer/daughter of Hulk on Robertson Boulevard yesterday afternoon (December 5).

3:55 pm

Despite her parents’ impending divorce, it seemed as if Brooke Hogan was doing okay this past weekend. She was spotted in a black and pink striped bikini sunning herself at a hotel pool in Miami Beach yesterday.

The blonde singer looked very fit and sexy in her swimwear, and even gave the paparazzi a few sexy shots of her “assets.”

3:51 pm

Brooke Hogan took on presenting duties at last nights Fox Reality Channel awards show, which actually doesn't even air until October 13th.

Also called the "Really Awards," the idea is an awards show dedicated to bad reality shows.

3:33 pm

It’s been a really bad summer for celebrity drivers. First Lindsay Lohan, then Britney Spears, and now… Nick Hogan. The son of Hulk Hogan was involved in a serious car accident Sunday night.

A source told press that Nick was racing a silver Dodge Viper just prior to the crash. Hogan was driving his 1000hp Toyota Supra when the accident occurred.

3:21 pm

The Reverend Al Sharpton is pretty well-known for stirring up civil rights drama. And he’s at it again. This time he’s targeting TMZ, calling them racist and sexist.

The incident that has Sharpton all fired up involves the word “roboho.” Apparently they ran picture of Beyonce Knowles in a robotic outfit and labeled it “roboho.” And that was enough to get Al’s panties in a bunch.

2:43 pm

It's a cold, boring Sunday here in Chicago. I really love this time of the year, but why can't it be above 40 degrees? When the weather turns bad, I become a hermit. You'll most likely find me at home, wearing flannel pajamas and either sitting in front of my computer or curled up on the sofa with a fuzzy blanket. Okay, so I admit it. I'm not the buzzing socialite that you think I am. I'm more of a geeky gossip girl than a party girl. That's okay, right? You'll still love me. I hope.

What will I be watching tonight on the "tube?" The VH1 Big In '06 Awards' is on my list. Of course, knowing the outcome already could make this less exciting, so we'll just tive you a teaser here and if you're one of those that just has to know you can click through the link below to see the complete list of winners and more.

Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Kiefer Sutherland were among the 'big' winners at the show...

photo: vh1
source: big @ vh1

2:24 pm