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Breaking Dawn

Teaming up on the red carpet, Katie Cassidy and Kellan Lutz were side-by-side at the Lisa Kline Boutique in Beverly Hills on Thursday night (January 14).

The "Melrose Place" hottie and the "New Moon" hunk happily posed for pictures as they helped Miss Kline celebrate the launch of Division-E's Spring Collection.

2:53 pm

It’s no secret that the “Twilight Saga” films are some of the most successful of our time, thanks to hotties like Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. But author Stephenie Meyer doesn’t necessarily want to see her “Breaking Dawn” novel made into two separate films.

As the head honchos over at Summit are pushing Meyer to agree to splitting the last book, but she’s just not sure it’s the right thing to do for the story.

2:49 pm

It has been quite a year in the realm of celebrity gossip, with plenty of drama and action coming out of the entertainment industry. And as 2009 draws to a close, here are some of the biggest stories to come out of Tinseltown.

Tiger Woods’ Many Mistresses - While he ruled the world of professional golf, Tiger Woods was utterly defeated in the relationship department. News of his many affairs with as many as 14 (or more) mistresses has landed the golf stud in hot water with his wife as well as his sponsors. Woods has taken an indefinite leave from the PGA and hopes to reconcile with his wife Elin Nordegren, who has taken their kids to Sweden for Christmas.

2:25 pm

Gearing up for a flight out of town, Kellan Lutz was spotted toting his luggage as he walked through the Burbank Airport on Thursday afternoon (December 10).

The Emmett Cullen stud was decked out in all-black, laughing and chatting with his friends while briefly stops for a squirt of hand sanitizer before boarding his outbound flight.

2:12 pm

He’s definitely created some big shoes to fill for himself, and even Robert Pattinson admits he’s scared for life outside of the “Twilight” Saga.

The Edward Cullen actor told press, “Before “Twilight” I did any movie that I got offered, and you’d try and make the best of it afterwards.”

2:07 pm

Stepping out for a night on the town, Robert Pattinson was spotted checking out musician Bobby Long's show at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood on Friday (December 4).

Doing his best to hide from awaiting paparazzi, the Edward Cullen stud was escorted though a parking garage by a security team - proceeding to head back to his hotel with a couple of pals, including good friend, Bobby Long.

2:06 pm

With the announcement that the fourth “Twilight” film will be split into two separate movies, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are seeing dollar signs.

And according to a report, the “New Moon” stars are sticking together as they negotiate what will probably be an eight-figure deal for each “Breaking Dawn” installment.

2:06 pm

It’s no secret that “New Moon” has been kicking butt at the box office, scoring $481 million worldwide so far, and it sounds like we’ll get three more films before the saga is over.

According to a report, the fourth book in the series “Breaking Dawn” will be broken down into two separate movies, extending the vampire pandemonium even further.

2:04 pm

Robert Pattinson can’t keep it a secret. The New Zealand Herald did an article with the vampire, and he talked all about the new movie, New Moon, as well as Eclipse, Remember Me, Unbound Captives, and Bel Ami.

He told about what it was like to film the three movies he has done in this past year, as well as what is to come.

1:26 pm

Out earning a little extra cash aside from his acting duties, Kellan Lutz attended a photo shoot for H&M clothing at Bardot nightclub in Hollywood on Saturday (August 22).

The Emmett Cullen actor looked his usual hunky self, showing off his buff body in a white tank top and jeans as he strolled past paparazzi.

12:03 pm